Asteroids and Debris

INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri carries out researches on the origin, evolution and physical properties of small bodies of our Solar System, in in particular on asteroids.
Mainly from a theoretical point of view, such research activities focus on all problems related to the dynamical and collisional evolution of the asteroids, and in particular the statistics of the mutual impacts, the fragmentation and cratering processes, and the origin and evolution of the asteroid families.
Only recently, research activity has been extended to the study of the debris disks in other planetary systems. Such structures has many dynamical and physical properties in common with our Solar System counterparts (Main Asteroid Belt, Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt).
In addition to theoretical research, our Institute has been and it is heavily involved in the development and production of the ESA space mission Gaia. Our staff has direct responsibility for the observation of Solar System objects, and in particular for the development and maintenance of the software devoted to the CCD images analysis and the production of the final data catalog.


People involved: Aldo Dell’Oro



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