General Seminars

General Seminars are held on Thursdays, 11.00-12.00, in the period between September and July. The Seminar program embraces all areas of astrophysics and related technologies, and is aimed at sharing new scientific results with the entire Observatory community.

The Colloquia Organising Team (Davide Fedele, Francesco Belfiore, Barbara Olmi, Carolina Belli, Elisabeta Lusso) is responsible for selecting and scheduling the general seminars, and is always looking for suggestions for potential speakers. You can get in contact by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seminars are currently offered in hybrid mode: in person in Arcetri and online. Look for the link in the Google Calendar or weekly email.

Google Calendar, make sure to add this to your calendars by clicking on the plus (+) symbols in the bottom-left corner.

Also of interest, summary page for talks at other INAF institutes

Upcoming Seminars
04/04/2024 Sergio Molinari (INAF - IAPS Rome) A star formation tale from the Galactic disk to protoplanetary disks
11/04/2024 Vera Gheno  [Seminario in Italiano] (UniFI) Oltre il linguaggio inclusivo: il linguaggio ampio. Che cos'è , a cosa serve
18/04/2024 Emma Whelan (Maynooth University)  The MUSE View of Young Stellar Outflows: Jets, Winds, Cavities and Wiggles
09/05/2024 Alessandra Migliorini (INAF - IAPS Rome)  Study of the icy moons of Jupiter with JUICE/MAJIS and laboratory experiments
16/05/2024 Pierre Lena (U. Paris Diderot & Observatoire de Paris) The quest for detailed images in optical astronomy: a long journey 
23/05/2024 Marko Simonovic (UniFI)
30/05/2024 Federica Govoni (INAF - Cagliari)
06/06/2024 Leslie Hunt (INAF- OAA) Highlights from Euclid Early Release observations
13/06/2024 Marina Capponi [Seminario in Italiano] (INAF- Consigliera di Fiducia)
20/06/2024 Geraint Lewis (U. of Sydney) The Southern Stellar Stream Spectroscopic Survey: Hunting for History in the Galactic Halo
27/06/2024 Michael Küffmeier (U. of Copenhagen)  Multi-scale modelling of embedded discs
11/07/2024 Juan Soler (INAF - Rome) Archeology of interstellar archipelagos: Reconstructing the lifecycleof star-forming clouds