Relativistic astrophysics and astroparticles

STScI 01EVSV2RJ967D3VD255TWG9K8AThe high energy astrophysics group at INAF Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, is one of the leading research groups in Italy, in the field of Cosmic Ray astrophysics, high energy particle acceleration and propagation, non-thermal sources of radiation in the Galaxy, and relativistic fluid dynamics.
The group is mainly theory oriented and heavily engaged in semi-analytical and numerical modeling of astrophysical sources and processes. However, a large part of the activity is in tight collaboration with upcoming experiments in High Energy Astrophysics, both space and ground based, with most group members taking active part in the science working groups connected to the major upcoming observational facilities in X-rays and gamma-rays. Finally, most group members are involved in large national and international projects of different kinds and with different objectives, ranging from theoretical research on fundamental physics processes, to data analysis and interpretation, and efforts devoted to build the scientific cases for new instrumentation.


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