Stars, star formation and exoplanets

The activity of the group focuses on the study of the physics of the Galaxy, from the formation of its constituents to the evolution of phenomena occurring at different scales. We study the properties of distinct classes of objects, from star clusters to molecular clouds, from forming stars to exoplanets. The investigation is directed in particular to the study of the physical mechanisms that determine the properties of the observed objects, such as the chemical evolution, the dynamics gravitational collapse, the action of shock fronts and magnetic field, the interaction between gas and dust, the influence of radiation and cosmic rays. For these investigations the group makes use of advanced instrumentation for observations from the ground and from space, collaborations on large surveys, studies at very high spectral and spatial resolution and theoretical investigations of analytical and numerical type. The activities of the group follow three main lines of research: (i) star formation, from the first phases of cloud condensation, to the disks that will give rise to planetary systems and the massive jets of atomic and molecular material (ii) exoplanets, from their identification to the study of their atmospheres and evolutionary processes; (iii) the so-called 'galactic archaeology', i.e. the study of the formation and evolution of the Milky Way and the local group, through the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of stellar populations. The research is both observational and theoretical and is accompanied by technological activities for the development of future instrumentation.


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