We are reorganizing the laboratories.
Found spare parts of infrared imagers, cameras and spectrometers that may be useful to other astrophysical instruments.
Please contact me if you are interested

Ernesto Oliva
INAF-Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory
Largo E. Fermi 5, I-50125 Firenze
e-mail ernesto.oliva_at_inaf.it
Tel. +39 055 2752291

List of optical parts

1 complete set of Mauna Kea Near-Infrared (MKO-NIR) filters: Y, J, H, Ks size 105 mm x 105 mm

6 ZnSe windows : D=50 mm THI=8 mm

2 Blanks of ZnSe laser grade (best homogeneity): D=84 mm THI=27 mm

1 Blank of ZnSe laser grade (best homogeneity): D=125 mm THI=28 mm

11 Blanks of special IRG2 infrared glass (Schott), diameters from 36 mm to 100 mm

1 Blank (raw strip) of N-BASF2/NBASF2 glass (Schott), 241 mm x 125 mm x 30 mm

Several blanks (raw strips) of S-NPH2/SNPH2 glass (Ohara), thickness 25 mm