Messier 74

Hi! I am staff research astronomer at INAF-Arcetri (Florence, Italy).

My work focuses on understanding the evolution of galaxies by studying the baryon cycle - the interplay of phenomena that drives gas in and out of galaxies, regulates star formation and leads to the production and recycling of heavy elements.

I am particularly interested in chemical evolution, the physics of the ionised interstellar medium and the star formation histories of local galaxies.

I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge (UK), with Roberto Maiolino, and have worked as a postdoc with Kevin Bundy (PI of the MaNGA survey) at the University of California Santa Cruz, before joining at ESO as a fellow in 2018. In September 2020 I moved to a staff position at INAF in Florence, funded by a special initiative by the Italian government to tailored to young scientists.

Francesco Belfiore